1. Cock Dr

    Can’t explain it; I hated this guy at first sight. I don’t even know who he is or what he’s famous for. Douche alert.

  2. The last season of Entourage better kick ass…the past 2 seasons have been so-so.

    • Asoto

      I’ve only seen the first season, but if it is so-so now, it’s a HUGE improvement over that piece of crap I watched.

  3. Colin

    Please say he’s hanging himself.

  4. Laluni

    “This necklace is sure to distract from my stench!”

  5. “So I just put this around my neck and jack off? That doesn’t sound safe.”

    “It’s absolutely safe, David Carradine did it all the time.”

  6. tlmck

    What? Well Lindsay got away with it!

  7. UnholyKrep

    Hair flossing. Must be a hollywood thing.

  8. vitobonespur

    Adrian Grenier shows that he’s not just fucking around, and that he really doesn intend to hang himself…

  9. holymoly

    do you have any plastic bags that would fit around a females head, say, like so?

  10. David Hasselhoff prepares to unmask himself again.

  11. Brennan Haley

    He’s gonna pull off his mask to show you he’s really Tom Cruise, and THEN he’s gonna realize that was only a movie.

  12. fartbucket

    I’ve never seen anyone try to garrote themselves before.

  13. TomFrank

    “I don’t know why I have to take off my rape whistle to try on a scarf, but okay…”

  14. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Is that seriously Windows 3.11?

  15. Sharon

    So wrong for a man to be blessed with such kissable lips. I hate him! No, I love him! Get me off this emotional roller-coaster! It’s not fair!!!!

  16. He’s upset that Russel Crowe deleted his anti-circumcision twitter posts.

  17. Does he walk around making frames around his face?

  18. Squishy

    Its for your teeth man, your teeth!!!!

  19. Plentius

    Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair too short this time.

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