1. GuyLeDouche

    She’s never been the same since she finally escaped from Mr. Slave’s ass. Lemmiwinks!

  2. look’s like her head is going to fall off

  3. So her new gig’s Slutvira, Mistress of the Herp?

  4. SIN

    I am a skank, not a tranny. I thought all of my sex tape finally proved tghat.

  5. sticky

    I remember when she said she would not get implants because she was a classy broad. I guess things changed.

  6. tlmck

    Mischa Barton’s twin.

  7. UnholyKrep

    A disease ridden fame whore “famous” for releasing an “unauthorized” sex tape?
    Certainly- but do note that her ass doesn’t alter tidal patterns, and her sister hasn’t been tagged, released, and tracked in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest .

    So, like, she’s got that goin’ for her.

  8. vitobonespur

    Yeah, but how do you think Kim Kardashian oozed into the spotlight? She used to be Paris Hilton’s best friend forever (“or until I don’t like you anymore, whichever comes first”).

  9. It had to be said


  10. Yes, she may be a tranny, but she certainly appears to be an incredibly well hung one.

  11. Richard McBeef

    Where the hell did those come from?

    I’m talking about these pustules around the head of my cock.

  12. “Yesh occifer, of course I can walk a straight line. Oopsie. Just a minute. Lemme shtart over.” Hiccup. “My purse? Oh, this isn’t MY purse. I’m just holding it for a friend.” Giggle. Sigh. “So, you wanna touch my boobs?” Burp.

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