1. Jon

    Umm he’s not wearing any underwear and you can see his gigantic cock…

  2. M

    Nice pork sword. Alright, alright, alright…

  3. I guess that the fact that you can see his dick distracts from the fact that he is carrying a purse. WTF!

  4. Asoto

    Matthew McConaughey?! I can only see a guy with a shirt on.

  5. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. ohmyword

    Matthew McConaughey without a shirt: sex symbol and heart-throb. Matthew McConaughey with a shirt: penis swinging, purse-carrying ginger with a hulk-hogen mustache.

  7. Tanzarian

    I wouldn’t say gigantic but nothing to be ashamed of… or show off.

  8. TaT

    HELLO!!! lol

  9. Tobes of Hades

    Well, at least we know he’s qualified to run for congress in New York.

  10. vitobonespur

    Matthew McConaughey tries to remain incognito by dressing up as a perverted undocumented alien.

  11. Jenny with a Y

    Dear Mr. Fish,

    Why do you hate us? Is it because of our representatives from reality TV? You can’t blame us all for Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Teen Mom and Snookie. That’s just not fair.

    The Ladies

  12. holymoly

    my wife said I got to start wearing shirts, but she didn’t say NUTHIN ’bout underwear.

  13. It had to be said

    Looks like Mr. Turtle decided to for a walk as well.

  14. Brennan Haley

    Looks like someone’s off to audition with Mr. Cruise for that TROPIC THUNDER sequel.

  15. Mateo just takin’ my dong out for some fresh air, sayin’, “hi,” to the ladies, cuz who doesn’t love a puppy an’ I got a puppy in my pants, with a wet nose.

  16. MiamiHeatFan

    Someone get the bongo ready, please.

  17. Cirucumcised and small. That makes my day.

  18. De Bo 69

    Must be nice to walk around with a purse, no underwear, half an erection and people take a picture instead of calling the police.

  19. Once a douche …

  20. Steelerchick

    Say hellllooooo to my little friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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