1. Cock Dr

    Don’t bother it….it’s going back to it’s lair to issue forth the litter.

  2. Mel

    Next time could you maybe warn us a pic or two ahead so we have time to look away before receiving permanent damage?

  3. Is she coming or going in this pic?

  4. CK

    It’s like she’s deliberately trying to fall down a flight of stairs, wearing those shoes.

  5. One bag is for her lunch. What’s the grey cheetah one for?

  6. The Brown Streak

    The music at the end of The Incredible Hulk always makes me cry.

  7. Coyote

    What an ASS, and I’m not talking about her butt.

  8. just got off the short bus.

  9. Raaaaaaaa

    she’s wearing a hospital gown, so I deduce that the ewok gestational period is shorter than human’s and she just gave birth. via her mouth. (the infant sensed the opening was larger).

  10. The nine month walk of shame.

  11. Quasi

    Quick! Tell Batman I found the Penguin’s hideout!

  12. El Jefe

    All class…no ass.

  13. spartacus

    She could only get classier by wearing a monocle

  14. cc

    Shelob heading home to cocoon another hobbit.

  15. Joe

    Her ass looks like a Venn diagram with corners.

  16. Mrs. Binkey

    please fall down the stairs

  17. Pink Slime

    it’s a good thing she wont be able to see that butterfly turn into an octopus chasing a starfish come old age. *credit to Robin Williams

  18. And that’s how the story ends for the 40 year old stripper who tries to make it in the big city. Even the Guidos kicked her off stage. Momma, she’s comin’ home.

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