1. Cock Dr

    So much WTF here.

  2. Subtle. I wonder what she’s trying to say here….

  3. Abby Normal

    Is that the new Sybian? COOL!

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Those straight as a wet noodle dancers look very interested.

  5. Johnny P!

    She ALWAYS listens to her fans and gives them what they want.
    “LESS FACE!!!”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Orange County Choppers honour Lindsay’s return to the silver screen

  7. I don’t understand why Donny & Marie chose this for their opening act.

  8. I don’t even recognize Judas Priest anymore.

  9. vandinz

    Singer or Prostitute? You decide.

  10. Rosalie

    Every time I try to say something, someone tells me that she’s a great pianist.

  11. Buddy The Elf

    Tiki Barber looks PISSED about something.

  12. In every picture like this there is always some white guy trying desperately to stop some black guy from saying it all with his eyes.

  13. kumquat

    It’s ART.

  14. Blech

    Someone should call an ambulance. Lady Gaga farts seem to be causing two dancers to suffer epileptic seizures.

  15. sousvide

    wow something unique for your $200 ticket — a blond wigged naked pop star bending over with astonished males in background.

  16. lori

    Someone forgot to take the trash out.

  17. cc

    Lady Gaga performing a hit off her new album ‘Contrived’.

  18. bigalkie

    That’s not Lady GaGa, it’s Neil Patrick Harris

  19. tlmck

    Nice bike.

  20. salavation

    I would like to make a citizens arrest. New Zealand has a helmet law.

  21. rican

    “Dude, you have to wait ’till she gets off the bike before you fist her!”

  22. bethy

    Josh: I know, Miguel…it’s just one more night…someday we will leave her and dance together on a tour that does not subject us to such horrors…

    Miguel: I cannot….take… more….ass laser.

  23. Trustician

    Two guys touching each other while Lady GaGa performs… how is this different from the back room of any hair salon?

  24. Keith Chegwin

    These lost episodes of The A-Team just get weirder and weirder.

  25. LockNLoad

    “Lady Gaga performing in Auckland, New Zealand.”
    Performing WHAT???

    Oh yeah ::shudder::

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