1. Sheppy

    I was in WeHo last night. Didn’t see these too. Did however, see JLH though. In fact she was sat next to me at a bar. She’s tiny. Really slim right now. And sweet… was having her photo taken with loads of people.

    And no, she didn’t show me any rings. My girlfriend would have almost certainly disapproved.

    What was this post about again?

  2. Minky Wail

    You know you’ve made it when your cigarette lighter is a human being.

  3. The Brown Streak

    I really wish she would wear pants….oh, I get it now…it’s camouflaged!

  4. Contusion

    Nice Costco tennis shoes.

  5. The Pope

    “Oi, Coldplay…you lookin’ at my girl?”

  6. This man seems to live in a perpetual state of “do that one more time and I am going to kick you in the face.”

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    There’s my hubby! Only not as good looking as my hubby. :D

  8. mbcl

    rarely seen : the classic ‘tennis shoe staredown’

  9. cc

    I think I know what happened here…the guy mumbled ‘You haven’t been a good movie since you worked with Guy Ritchie.’

  10. bethy

    His white shoes are punishment for her exotic beauty. Yin and Yang.

  11. Hey, Statham, I know you’re a bad-ass and all, but I’m where you can’t reach me…just wanted to tell you that every guy I know has seen your old lady naked…nyah-nyah-nyah…

  12. ohwhatthehell

    Is he trying to grow out his nails?

  13. I only bang chicks in weed pants too.

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