1. Look, everybody! Spanx makes an anorexic line!

  2. bamf

    Dayum, I shouldn’t have had that skunk for lunch!

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “See? I DO have an ass. Can I go back to not eating now?”

  4. Ali

    Told you bitches, my shit don’t stink

  5. lily

    she looks much better with the weight gain….that face though…eeeek looks like a donkey

  6. She looks healthier. Keep it up.

  7. “…and the next contestant in the Hot Body, Weird Face pageant is Miss LeAnn Rimes!”

  8. “Listen! When I slap it, you can actually hear my pelvic bone!”

  9. Ian Burke

    “Smell that? That’s the Double Cheeseburger I had at Pinks!”

  10. Margaret

    Squinty McFalcor on parade !!!

  11. Derek Zoolander

    I FINALLY have a flatter ass than that tramp Brandi Glanville! Take that, MS EX CIBRIAN!

  12. George P Burdell

    I have a $100 for anyone who can guess what I had for lunch.

  13. tlmck

    She still looks like Roy Rogers in drag.

  14. Matt Lauer

    I’ll take ‘Inappropriate locations to shoot a Bukkake video’ for $1000, Alex.

  15. BettyRubble

    By the looks of the crowd,they’re obviously not there to see LeAnn Rimes. I’ve seen dentist office waiting rooms with more enthusiasm.

  16. kaschuh

    fart molecules = extra weight

  17. Pretty sure she just farted in that guy in the vest’s mouth… he’s clearly holding back the chunks.

  18. “You see that? Flat as a baby’s bottom”

  19. So did someone say “gee” or “haw” — I can never remember.

  20. Jenn

    She’s competing with Renee Zellwegger for the Squinty McBitch title. I think this chick’s winning.

  21. There’s no extra here.

  22. boxlunch

    I’m surprised there aren’t any pregnancy rumors swirling! Considering the usual concave shape to her abdomen, she could literally be in her third trimester here.

  23. Whyask

    That’s right – I fucked your husband, and your husband, and your husband…

  24. Mike701

    Mel, kiss my grits!

  25. Female

    “Woo! Sorry about that y’all! Vegan juice cleanse.”

  26. This is the first photo of this woman that I’ve ever seen that made me think, “Well…maybe. On a cold, lonely night.”

  27. Em

    “So, you see, when he comes at me from this side, he doesn’t have to see my face. Really helps keep it up.”

  28. jj

    she looks great

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