1. Shit! He saw the donuts! Someone grab him!

  2. “Just one more moment, Mr- I mean, Lord Hill, I’m almost done greasing your backside so you can get out of the chair.”

  3. He looks like he’s been celebrating the public acceptance of his apology with deep fried doughnuts wrapped in bacon.

  4. “Someone get this faggo-….I mean man off me”

  5. Short Round

    Now, we use this belt to hold down train wheels during transport. Should hold your pants. But if you hear a distinct metallic click… *ting*

  6. Yet another use for a baby wipe.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Is he STILL apologizing?

    Dude, no one gives a fuck.

    • Seriously, literally no one gave a shit or cared, I have no idea why he has been on this apologizing tour?

      • BigOkie

        Oh, you know… because it’s Hollywood and normally something is not a big deal until some shit gets talked to death and makes it a big deal.

        Case in point (and not that I’m defending him) Justin Bieber’s whole “n-word” fiasco is stupid as well. It’s quite obvious he doesn’t hate black people, somehow everyone with the word “Lil” in their name is in his entourage.

      • I literally know not one person who gives a shit about Bieber saying the N word, not one. As far as I know we would all just like him to just go the fuck away, for any reason and yeah, it is beyond obvious he is anything but racist.

      • Hmmmm…that’s certainly something to think about, ain’t it?

  8. “How long is this faggot gonna be touching me? I have to get on the air and apologize for my gay slur!”

  9. Donald Sterling

    Look, I’m not saying I have a Darth Vader action figure in my ass. But if I *DID* (and of course I don’t) I really would appreciate it if you would send a crewmember over here to help me get it out.

  10. PassingTrue

    Sir, is that a colostomy bag or did you bring pudding to the studio?

  11. anonymous

    I guess Jonah just finished blowing the guy who claimed he could clear Jonah of all this controversy but doesn’t what the right thing to do with that mouthful of semen.

  12. Flatliner

    Aldous warned him not to sneeze while smuggling heroin.

  13. Damn it, the faggot is back.

  14. “Whoa, you’re not some kind of fag are you?” (nervous laughter). “But seriously, I”d be totally okay if you sucked cocks… fuck it, you want to blow me? (long beat, laughs again) Okay, I apologize.”

  15. Cap'n Obvious

    I am soooo sorry…that I got caught.

    Zero respect for this silver-spoon fatty. He would have earned it if he said, “Yeah, I said it. What-fucking-ever. Get over it.”

  16. fuckface

    “just relax. this lie detector will tell us if you really meant “suck my dick, faggot” was meant as a homophobic slur or a request.”

  17. MZ MIZRY

    ugh. so i guess when you become a “serious actor” you can hire someone to clean up your “accidents” for you.

  18. “Ok Mr Hill, on the count of three I’m going to pull the chair as you stand up…one…two…wait, what? He can? Ok, Mr Hill they say you can just keep the chair.”

  19. Vlad

    You have the right to remain silent…

    But I apologized!

  20. “Let me help pull that excuse out of your ass.”

  21. Johnny Barbells

    “Dammit, where’s that valve??? He’s up to 63 psi!!!”

  22. “Okay, so the only thing that really affects this microphone’s electrodes are McRib sweat so everything should be fine.”

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