1. Yeah, I need a boat. And is Walken around?

  2. Hasn’t had wood since 1981.

    Too soon?

  3. Bob: “Have you Seen my pants?” Piano chest “You’re wearing them honey” Bob..makes face..”Thank God”

  4. Donald Sterling

    Oh shit, it’s the fog rolling in. She’s coming back for revenge.

  5. Ralph

    Duh..I’m where?

  6. We’re gonna need a bigge…ah, you’ve heard it.

  7. Voice of Reisling

    EIGHT DOLLARS? Get the keys back Jill, we’re going to Sizzler.

  8. Single-handedly holding on to the double-breasted sport coat.

  9. “$8 for valet parking??? Oh, if we were on my boat you’d be sorry…”

  10. Dock of the Bay

    Is that Susan St. John behind him. I’m not sure because she was before my time, but did’t he dump the other actress off the boat for this one.

    • I believe you’re referring to JILL St. John. And there are still a lot of questions in the death of Natalie Wood (one Wood that apparently doesn’t float).

  11. Why’d you do it Bob? We all liked Natalie.

  12. “$8 ? I’m going to need a reverse mortgage”

  13. “What the hell…when did Natalie become a valet?”

  14. brycet


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