1. “What? This is a play about the Bible? I thought ‘Technicolor Dreamcoat’ was a strain of acid! Fuck this, I’m outta here.”

  2. A nice looking women with a total fuckwit Douche. How does that work, money?

  3. Is that the one that wants Hilary Duff back?

  4. Donald Sterling

    No, don’t dress up for the red carpet or anything. Just whatever happens to be laying on the floor of your closet is fine.

  5. Flatliner

    This is what happens when meth gives up.

  6. Looks as if he had to change a tyre on the way there.

  7. Pickle Nose

    C’mon, Aaron. While I don’t agree with it, I could understand this look if you were Clooney or Pitt or somebody else (Depp) who could afford not to give a f*ck, but you’re Aaron Carter. Getting a call back for an appearance fee at the grand opening of the new Subway on the corner of Olympic and Figueroa is not making it. Try a little harder.

    • Pickle Nose

      It pains me that I thought that this was important enough to type out that last comment. I will never get those breaths back. Please shoot me.

  8. donkeylicks

    I see the Bastard of Vince Neil was in attendance.

  9. Looks like an Adam Sandler character.

  10. You know she’s thinking to herself “I can change him”,

  11. I think it’s rude to wear your own technicolor dreamcoat to the production.

  12. At least his hair looks grea…WAIT! Never mind.

  13. voice of reason

    to those wondering how he got a woman like that to stand next to him; she’s his twin sister, Angel. They shared a womb, and that’s apparently where the similarities end.

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