1. Something something gross this is a girl something…

  2. I thing the pope security guy has a secret upskirt camera on his wrist.

  3. Donald Sterling

    Listen, papa cannot bless away dirty diaper, eh, she gotta go.

  4. Little Tongue

    “Hey! Little girl! Wanna get high?”

  5. “This one has female organs. Toss it back.”

  6. Yeah, this does not look creepy at all.

  7. Your Huckleberry

    I told you I want the boys. Do you really need to go back to seminary school to learn how to pick the sweet, sweet boys?

  8. donkeylicks

    How does his arm bend that way?

  9. “Sorry, she’s a bit too old for me…”

  10. Cmon guys….quit making bad taste jokes at the expense of this innocent kid. Seriously?

    But yeah, fuck the Pope.

  11. “No, YOU change her diaper. It’s not my job…”

  12. “Tell tour bosses that if they want to kill me, don’t send a baby to do a mans job!”

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