1. I love this man.

  2. Short Round

    I have many dwarf planet friends. Well, I know many dwarf planets. A dwarf planet gave me this tie!

  3. Neil is awesome

  4. “Normally these stains only show up under a special light..Man, I am so embarrassed”

  5. “This tie is under NO obligation to make sense to YOU!”

  6. What do idiot even religionists think when they watch his show? Seems to me their brains would start to overheat. Oh wait…

    • Speaking of idiots, why can’t you edit a comment to correct a typo? Oh I know because it’s an irrelevant celebrity blog run by complete idiots, too.

  7. So I said, bitch, look at these rotations! How you tryna rap about elliptical galaxies when you can’t even dome open star clusters or the basics of Sersic’s law? Ol’ ignant-ass triflin’ ass bitch.

  8. Gotta love this guy.

  9. MRF

    Deez be stars, BITCHES.

  10. Father Dougal

    Surely you meant to say: “A SPACE TIE Odyssey”

    (Please note, this comment may actually become funny if you imagine he just said that in the photo and is waiting for someone to laugh at the lame joke.)

  11. “Back off or the middle finger gets it!”

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