1. “So then, I go ahead and kiss the girl while a roofie is dispensed from these teeth implants. Genius right?”

  2. Randal

    Sweet dreams are made of this….

  3. He looks baller, but those are actually cupcake sprinkles.

  4. Donald Sterling

    Gold teeth are a ghetto 401K plan. Guess diamonds are for retirement in the EXECUTIVE prison.

  5. “You’re looking like a million bucks, Cee Lo! As long as each of those diamonds are worth $500,000.00.”

  6. Really, dude?


  7. Teardrops are for how many people you have killed, I am guessing these are to show how many women you have raped.

  8. This has NEVER looked good on anybody. I don’t know who started this, but they need a swift kick in the ass.

  9. HE fucking drugged and raped a girl….fuck off dude.

  10. Joy

    He’s so creepy.

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