1. whiskeyafternoon

    the verisimilitude of Madame Tussaud’s work is stunning.

  2. Cock Dr

    He’s growing old so gracefully.

  3. SaraDevil

    Mischa Barton has seen better days.

  4. Aquiles Baeza

    I guess Lindsay Lohan bought a scooter, huh?

  5. holymoly

    LaToya Jackson – your momma lied. You ARE the pretty one!

  6. Senor Trout

    Who knew that Meghan McCain was such a big Steven Tyler fan?

  7. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Big Bird’s halloween costume.

  8. HumpinFrog

    It looks like Gollum just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. They grow up so fast.

  9. Jack

    Gah, the T-1000 from Terminator 2 looks REALLY outdated today.

  10. carly simon is an old pro at preventing a nip slip. good for her.

  11. Eddie

    Joan Rivers has gone and done it this time!

  12. tito

    “shit the t-1000 inadvertantly morphed into”

  13. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nah it’s just an aging rocker that’s lame.

  14. MrsWrong

    Lisa Rinna stayed in the sun WAAAYYYY too long!

  15. Squishy

    And he brought forth an elvin child…who would a thunk it!!

  16. Dude looks like a lady, an incredibly hideous lady, but a lady just the same.

  17. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    At one thousand times magnification the microscope shows us creatures straight out of the world of nightmares.

  18. zomgbie


  19. macmac

    Cute flower printed jeans Steven!

  20. Double D

    So what if she has no breasts. She could fit three c***s in her mouth at the same time!

  21. Sugaa

    The last time I wore mirrored sunglasses was 1980, just sayin’

  22. Sugaa

    His chin strap is actually holding up his chin.

  23. Arzach

    He definitely did some work on his face … it didn’t work

  24. Damn, how fast is he going? Those G-forces are really mushing his face.

  25. vitobonespur

    Steven Tyler is so fucked up they now make him wear a helmet in case he tries banging his head against a brick wall…again!

  26. bethy

    He’s actually looking at the Superficial caption to see where he is.

  27. HeavyMetalAngel4

    A monkey on a bike is always funny.

  28. john

    I didn’t know Martha Raye was still alive!

  29. JC

    Are you there, God? It’s me, Melty Face.

  30. TomFrank

    The mirrored sunglasses were simply no match for the power of the Ark of the Covenant.

  31. KC

    The helmet seems unnecessary as brain damage seems to be a foregone conclusion.

  32. Cristina

    Leave Steven Tyler ALONE! :)

  33. EvilgeniusNZ

    Fire Marshall Bill in a bicycle helmet….he’s never looked more ‘special’.

  34. That new Terminator looks scary

  35. guy from that place

    I swear Madonna just keeps looking worse and worse.

  36. brian

    Drugs are bad mmmkay

  37. CharmlessMan

    That’s not Steven Tyler, that’s Hannibal Lecter escaping with Steven Tyler’s face!

  38. MrsWrong

    Looks like Bridget Marquardt has found her next patient/sugar daddy

  39. ohmyword

    Poor Maria Shriver… she just can’t keep it together anymore.

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