1. Box

    so one time in a class called “Polymers and Composites” I pulled a picture of this bitch up on my laptop and pointed to her shoes and said “hooker shoes are made of poly(methyl methacrylate).” I can’t tell you how many people got answers right on our midterm by correlating that tasteless hag and her hideous hooker shoes with the structural and optical properties of that particular polymeric compound.

  2. It’s like a portable little stripper stage strapped to her feet!!

  3. taz

    quit taking pictures of this vapid cunt!!

  4. neo

    I’d fuck her till all her crabs fall out of her ass crack

  5. I would pay 12 American dollars to see her and Coco in a death match.

  6. Jill_Ess

    How long before she has her own E! show? She’s trashy enough, not sure why it’s not filming already.

  7. Satan's bitch

    Aw, poor little Shauna has a sad face because of the owie on her knee where she fell off her stripper heels and went boom.

  8. Hugh Gentry

    I bet she smells underwater.

  9. Beefarino

    She’s got lovely beef curtains

  10. DeucePickle

    Did someone lose their android sex-bot ?

  11. Ponkur


    I’m gonna have to go back one and look at Pippa again.

  12. Squishy

    Again, who cares…

  13. MrsWrong

    Yeah, but can you do that AND chew bubble gum???

  14. You can’t even fuck her with a 10 foot pole, because she’d probably start doing some dance routine on it.

  15. dotmatrix

    Which way to the crack whore convention?

  16. vitobonespur

    Shauna listens to her favorite self-help recording…”Now, dear listener, repeat after me: I am pretty, I am healthy, I am wise, I am relevant, I am…”

  17. Michelle

    This just looks like a whole lotta work for any man.

  18. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    I don’t think that there’s going to be a big market for “Zombie Barbie”. Mattel should drop the idea at once and melt this one down.

  19. Did she get a boob reduction? I thought they used to be bigger than that.

  20. It has no eyes, only Darkness…

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