1. Star Droppings

    When did the paparazzi start following Barbara Hershey again?

  2. wow, when you can’t see her ass, she’s just another turkey neck chick with a plain ass.

  3. AT

    seriously who the FUCK cares about this bitch?!!!

  4. Becky

    Maria Shriver?

  5. holymoly

    Britney is a brunette now? Interesting…….

  6. Bitch Pow

    Is she sitting on that old guy’s lap?

  7. Lemmiwinks

    Just look at that lovely smile, Pippa is proof that British dentistry has finally risen to 19th Century standards.

  8. Lou Skunt

    Yeah, because tennis is THAT fucking hilarious. Nobody else is laughing. What’s the deal? Is she hiding a butterfly vibe?

  9. Squishy

    Don’t care!

  10. Colin

    See, this is why we distracted Maria Shriver with the Ahnold. Now that she’s loose, she’s starting to turn her victims again.

  11. Arzach

    meh, no ass photo … NEXT!

  12. Wait, her ass is also functional?

  13. Blech

    Fish, my birthday is coming up. I was wondering if, for a gift, we could have no Pippa pictures for a day. Just one day.


    P.S. My birthday is not really coming up, not for another three months.

  14. De Bo 69

    Is that a smile or is she a brain eating Zombie and the yuppie in front of her is about to get a chomp…ouch… right on the comb over !

  15. The Most Famous Ass In England.

    Prince Charles just can’t catch a break.

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