1. whiskeyafternoon

    his son, clearly weary from hearing Dad’s stories about how nice it was putting his penis in ScarJo, is not looking forward to the long weekend with Dad.

  2. JC

    Sean Penn: “Maybe this weekend we’ll get around to creating a breakfast cereal with the same name as you. You can even pick the flavor. How’s that sound, son?”

    Hopper Jack: “Maybe this weekend I’ll get around to telling YOU about how I snuck into your bedroom one night and finger-banged ScarJo while you were both asleep. How’s that sound, DAD?”

  3. bassackwards

    On his way to go visit his dear friend Hugo no doubt!!

  4. LJ

    I don’t know what’s worse for the son – putting up with the ridiculous name ‘Hugo Jack’ or having that douchebag for a Dad.

  5. Squishy

    Both look like twats…

  6. MrsWrong

    Sean Penn must LOVE Australian wildlife.
    •He named his son after a Kangaroo
    •He recently dated a famous Kookaburra
    •He used to bang a Dingo in the 80s
    I rest my case

  7. He named his kid after 2/3rds of the cast of Easy Rider. Peter Fonda’s gotta be feeling left out.

  8. dotmatrix

    Hopper? No wonder the poor kid looks so glum.

  9. Brennan Haley

    So Sean has the common decency to give a guy a reach behind? Huh.

  10. Safety man

    This guy is the lowest piece of vermin to walk the earth. Low life, back stabbing, ball sucking, piece of sh*t. Just saying!!

  11. I had held out hope that young Hopper would at least take after his mother in the looks department. Oh well, so much for that.

  12. That’s the look of a boy who has just listened to 4 hours of babbling about Che Guevara.

  13. Like a G6

    Ummmm, please fuck off. BOTH of these hotties are fucking delicious. I’d have em both for dessert! I can’t believe Sean Penn is still bringin it and brought a hot son too? I’ve been hot for him since -dugh- fast times. Hes a fucking babe and thats why he has scar jo.

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