1. JC

    Little Roman just loves camping out in the backyard with his mother’s dress.

  2. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    Roman is saying, “I have no idea how I wound up with this pale cross between Rihanna, Bono, and 72 yards of blue cloth.”

  3. somewhere there is a window, missing its dressing…

  4. She looks like Kirstie Allie. Kickin’ shirt tho, kid.

  5. stratacat

    Winner of the bad angle/weird shirt contest.

  6. sexyman48

    It’s a little embarrassing when your parachute opens prematurely.

  7. Fletch

    Damn, what the fuck happened to her?

  8. LJ

    “I’ll get you yet, my little pretty!”

  9. DeucePickle

    That’s a pretty badass Snuggie

  10. The curtain shop called and wanted it’s entire stock holdings back.

  11. She should’ve named him Quit, Stop or Always.

  12. Squishy


  13. Colin

    What they don’t tell you is that she didn’t go to LAX to get on a plane; she just got on the runway, spread her arms and waited for a gust of wind.

  14. MrsWrong

    Poor kid, I’d make that face too if my mom wore that AND didn’t let me hide in it! For chrissake, there’s enough room!!!

    • MrsWrong

      BTW…PLEASE tell me she’s not diddling herself with the kid there…(of course, it really IS the only excuse for that muumuu…

  15. SFord

    HAHA Look at that bag Carrot Top is wearing, man that guy’s prop humor gets me everytime.

  16. Jon Hex

    I would say the terrorists have won, but this seems like a win for everyone.

  17. vitobonespur

    The epitome of the 60s hippy chicks, wearing a tie-dyed parachute for when she’s flying. Whoa. Groovy.

  18. Nice Snuggie

  19. Sad fact: That dress IS form-fitting.

  20. snarl


  21. Debra Sai Baba Drescher.

  22. Kathryn

    Seen! Hagrid from Harry Potter at L.A.X

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