1. Box

    Yes, sporting a chin strap will certainly remedy that tarnished reputation of his.

  2. JC

    3 out of 5 diner waitresses, strippers, and pornstars agree that a little chin fuzz is very sexy. And Tiger knows that.

  3. Well, with the little beard I’m positive my wife will be OK with watching him on TV again.

  4. holymoly

    He couldn’t get anyone to accept his offer of mustache rides, so he thought the beard would help.

  5. Ponkur

    Nothing says clean living family man like sporting some pimp facial hair.

  6. “…the crowd quietly watches as Tiger focuses on his next hole.”

  7. blahblahblah

    And just when you thought he couldn’t get any douchier, *pop* the douchestache suddenly appeared.

  8. Squishy


  9. MrsWrong

    That’s the face of someone who got dropped faster than the calls of the tournament sponsor

  10. Man, I could really go for some Subway…

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Up to his neck in the rough

  12. ghost

    The wife and the Gillette endorsement are long gone. Why shouldn’t he grow a beard?

  13. Tiger shows his disappointment after finding out that he entered the AT&T National Golf Tournament, and not the National T&A Tournament.

  14. Double D

    Playa’s gottsa play!

  15. Double D

    Truly multi-ethnic. Inability to grow a good beard = common among Asians. Inability to not whore around = common among African Americans.

  16. Watch out, AJ McLean, Tiger Woods has stolen your beard and he’s crashing the NKOTBSB tour.

  17. dotmatrix

    If he were a wrestler, his transition from hero to heel would now be complete.

  18. g-moonie

    Awesome balls. I’m talking about the 20XI’s…

  19. vitobonespur

    Tiger grew a beard figuring no one would recognize him.

  20. M

    It took him two years to grow THAT?

  21. Jovy

    Nice beard you giant douche.

  22. Safety man

    Where da white women be?

  23. I feel sorry for the maid who has to wring the drool out of his pillow every morning.

  24. He looks teed off.

    Get it?

  25. Dr Ha-Ha

    He avoided the rough so easily on course, but off it? His cock got caught up in it, and now his face has.

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