1. JC

    Sometimes we all forget that if you take away the stupidity, the rancid personality, and 98% of her tats, Kat Von D could actually be a cute little librarian.

  2. TomFrank

    Is there really that much of her that’s not inked? Or does she shed her skin every few months and start over?

  3. IRockSocksOff

    Dating guys that don’t commit adultery are so mainstream.

  4. She might be pretty, somewhere under all that ink, chin, and cheekbones.

  5. Holy god the new “glasses” tattoo is really great work. Looks almost 3D.

  6. amanda_bow

    wow, janeane garofalo looks good for her age.

  7. The hell does she keep doing to her face? Her cheeks, chin and jaw have become one giant mass.

  8. Jack

    Damnit, why is she carrying a brown bag!? That doesn’t match!

  9. She’ll be opening her own shop, tacky tits & tats.

  10. Richard McBeef

    i always hear people talking about pear shaped, but I didn’t know that applied to just the head.

  11. Squishy


  12. col. putz

    Why is Chyna wearing an Anne Hathaway mask? Half Halloween was over a month ago.

  13. MrsWrong

    *wishes t-shirt was self portrait…sigh*

  14. MrsWrong

    Looks like Lisa Loeb discovered Hot Topic

  15. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Excuse me Miss, you’ve got a fucking flower on your neck

  16. Even her tattoos want to strangle her.

  17. vitobonespur

    I think she’s cute. If her tats bother you that much, once you get her into the rack…TURN OFF THE FUCKING LIGHTS!

  18. Blech

    Very young Margaret Cho? Is that you?

  19. SIN

    If that IS Kat Von D then she is wearing a bunch of consealer on her chest.

  20. Siloporcen7

    I guess it’s her… Not sure

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