1. whiskeyafternoon

    Jessica Simpson, pictured here, on a sting operation chasing down rogue pizzas in the wild.

  2. Cock Dr

    When’s the wedding?!?

  3. Your Momma's Valtrex

    Looks like someone cut off her head.

  4. stratacat

    Did she eat the creepy Cheetos cheetah?

  5. Deacon Jones

    “Waaaiiiit a second. So, I get in this “car”, close the doorrr, and when i open it again, I’ll be somewhere else??”

  6. “I see….dead piggies. Tasty, tasty dead piggies.”

  7. Jack

    “Now hear me out, what if, just what if, my hair were actually linguini noodles?”

  8. DeucePickle

    I don’t see the point in including this in TCWM

  9. userofalltrades

    “And here we see the wildlife just after consuming the entire interior of the car”

  10. “Onnnnnly the sandwich knows…”

  11. MrsWrong

    Is that Vanessa with a slice? That BETTER not be Vanessa with a SLICE! First my man, now MY PIZZA!!!?!

  12. Colin

    “My fried chicken sense is tingling.”

  13. Squishy


  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The ocean depths are home to untold numbers of strange and bizarre creatures

  15. Mark

    “Hold on . . . I think I see arches.”

  16. Wow, her gut is absolutely huge now! The lens isn’t wide enough to get the whole thing to fit into the bottom of the frame.

  17. Unsatisfied with the bobble hula dancer on his dash board, the limo driver opted to decapitate Jessica Simpson.

  18. BSting

    Chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny

  19. vitobonespur

    That picture looks like it was taken with a chain saw.

  20. SIN

    And every guy here would jump at the chance to nail her. I know I would.

  21. Siloporcen7

    She looks good

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