1. Daddy! Daddy! Show me how you suck the life essence out of somebody!!

  2. Pierce Bronzetan

    Does it smell like fish oil, yogurt or semen?

  3. “I almost changed my last name to Butz.”

  4. Contusion

    “Mr. Sandusky! Mr. Sandusky! Can I get your autograph?”

  5. Jill Ess

    He’s about to get his nose bit off by that Saigon whore.

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    “Someone Please tell this kid I’m not Santa Clause!

  7. “Daddy, Daddy, no more beer.”

  8. mbcl

    “let me tell you about diabeetus”

  9. cc

    Out of the picture is Kevin James fleeing with a half-eaten hotdog.

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