1. YoMamma

    She’s in Milan? Seriously… what the fuck.

  2. Frank Burns

    Does the sun pass closest to the earth in Milan or something?

  3. You go to Milan, you stay in Milan!

  4. Abby Normal

    Squirting leather-faced granny, what’s not to like?

  5. Oh GOD! It’s “My Lawn”…not Milan.

    *peeks out window*

  6. DeucePickle

    Surely there is a Milan in Kentucky or Alabama or some place like that.

  7. RamRod

    There is no “Milan” in NJ and found this pic in another blog- IT’S JERSEY Super….!

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Take the juice of one orange…

  9. vgrly

    I thought it was Gossling before I clicked on the thumbnail.

  10. Is she paying off a trip to Milan by doing yard work?

  11. meeps!

    I thought The Superficial had standards…

  12. I see that we’re all so focused on Photo Boy’s caption screw-up that no one’s even bothered to notice the giant butt-plug just sitting on the lawn next to her.

  13. Contusion


  14. She’s looking pale… was it something she ate?

  15. Raaaaaaaa

    needs to work on that right leg more

  16. Bianca

    How nice of Chelsea Handler to give Chuy the day off.

  17. El Jefe

    She is probably in Milan Michigan, not Milan Italy. lol

    On another note, I want a Tan Mom bobblehead.

  18. Colin

    Glad to see Elyse Keaton maintaing her flower child roots

  19. Is this a remake of Green Acres?

  20. That’s some happy ass watering.

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