1. Nice outfit J-Ho!

  2. Enidaj

    Looking every inch the rock star.

  3. It was only a matter of time before they did a hologram of Whitney Houston.

  4. Dick Hell

    When your girdle protrudes farther than your stuffed crotch it might be time to hang it up.

  5. DeucePickle

    He looks ready to kill some vampires

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I know none of it makes sense but still… why’s he got a chocolate cake on his head?

  7. Pierce Bronzetan

    “More patterns and texture! I need more patterns and texture, man!”

  8. Jill

    He looks like a horrible imitation of Johnny Depp’s horrible immitation of Gene Wilder’s amazing Willy Wonka.

  9. maruli

    Janice Dickinson is looking great!!!

  10. broduh jenner

    generally it seems the more drugs a rock star consumes the cooler he becomes. but with steven tyler this CLEARLY is not the case.

  11. Cock Dr

    No joke; I thought it was Madonna.

  12. Adam

    Kinda looks like a cross between Slash and Christopher Lloyd in Roger Rabbit.

  13. From the thumbnail, I thought this was some version of Slash with boobs. I’m still not sure I was wrong.

  14. Dusty Diamond

    One nipple slip at the Superbowl and this is what has become of Janet Jackson

  15. Bigalkie

    Looks like the evil queen from Hunger Games.

  16. Netta

    You know Paula Abdul still has a drinking problem when she just rolls out of bed and goes out in public in whatever clothes stuck to her.

  17. lawn

    After so many years, we finally have a worthy successor to Liberace.

  18. I hope he’s a “grower”.

  19. yep its official, dude looks like a lady.

  20. Napoupi

    He’s finally made it !!!! I honestly thought it was a woman before reading the caption.

  21. vandal

    Are they not womens glasses?

  22. Elkayem

    Why does it need air holes?

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