1. Don’t laugh, he got a good 5 or 6 bucks for his appearance.

  2. Alison

    Paisley should be added to the list of things that aren’t Kosher.

  3. OY! This fat goy next to me smells like Gefilte.

  4. catapostrophe

    Large ties.

  5. Deacon Jones

    “Rabbi….I dont have any money for lunch.”

    “Oyyyyyy! Fuck Dis Shit!!! “

  6. “Rabbi Shmuley and Jon Gosselin at a press conference on Tax Deductible Marriage Counseling in Teaneck, NJ”

    There is not one word in that sentence that doesn’t sound like a joke

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘I have another idea but we’ll need ovens’. Right, so… which one of you jokers is Fish?

  8. “Rabbi Shlemiel” and Shlemazel couldn’t make it but we all work for Hasenpfeffer Incorporated, so no shvitz.”

  9. tlmck

    Note to Congress: remove that deduction from the tax code.

  10. Aaron

    “Jesus Christ!” – Rabbi Shmuley

  11. Raoul

    Wait. So Joaquin Phoenix is Jon’s rabbi?

  12. Stewie Griffen

    Does anyone remember when I was famous and had money? Yea, me neither.

  13. cc

    Shmuley? Geez, I figured he’d be from Belfast.

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    I didn’t know the Men’s Warehouse had a bargain bin.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    Shmuley is disappointed because they told him that the event would be catered and there would be celebrities.

  16. Pippy Longcockings

    This is how I know there is no God.

  17. Who??? Rabbi Smuck and Jon Gut?

  18. “Hey, Rabbi. This is a cool little hat. Are we going to a party?”

  19. QtPi

    A rabbi and a douche walk into a bar…

  20. mbcl

    “oy vey this one is a doozey”

  21. Vlad

    Looks like the makings of a new buddy cop show. The Rabbi & The Rabbit

  22. Schmidtler

    so the rabbi’s people have had to endure thousands of years of persecution at the hands of nearly every peoples they have lived amongst throughout history. Jon Gosselin on the other hand was married to that crazy bitch with all the kids. I’m not sure which one I should feel more sympathy towards. I guess since the one is a total douche and the other is dressed like a jackass, the answer is ‘neither’.

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