1. Well at least we know who’s been stealing whose lunch…

  2. Deacon Jones

    I like how the fatness continues well after the beltline and is effectively illustrated by a shirt you could make a bedset out of. You must work hard, sir.

  3. broduh jenner

    are we sure that isn’t chaz bono?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Did you ever have an ice cream cone with a stick of chocolate in it? A ninetynine. They’re great.

  5. The Pope

    Okay, I’m definitely taking Kevin James over Lindsay Lohan with the first pick in my death pool. Fat + comic always equals death.

  6. tlmck

    I see Kevin James hasn’t been to wardrobe yet.

  7. [img][/img]

  8. nimboobaba

    Someone forgot to exercise.

  9. Adam

    All of the people making fat comments on the Shaq pic are going to blow a load when they get a look at this.

  10. MarkM

    Looks like Kevin got confused and thought they wanted him for Mall Cop X 2!

  11. El Jefe

    When your fat rolls have fat rolls, you are a fat motherfucker.

  12. mbcl

    “I can’t believe the buffet ran out of food !”

  13. cc

    Serendipity: getting a picture of Kevin James not eating

  14. Viewer

    Is Kevin James really that big or is he wearing a fat suit?

  15. Blondie

    I’m convinced it’s a fat suit. I saw him in standup in April and he was that heavy looking. HOWEVER, he magically was 80 lbs thinner for his role in Here Comes the Boom -which began filming later that month and in May. Hmmm. Another case of a comedian that thinks he can’t be funny unless he’s obese? Seriously, it’s ok to drop all the fat/food jokes and write fresh stuff, Kevin. We’ll still love your physical comedy and you’re not a dumb guy either.

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