1. “If I loose this point Im gonna shit right on this english green lovely grass”

  2. Serena seen here earning the title of Yokozuna.

  3. Not in public, for fuck’s sake!

  4. terrell owens plays tennis?

  5. SwissT

    Latest team member for New Zealand rugby team learning the Haka

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I think I can see his balls hanging out.

  7. This guy needs to lay off the steroids.

  8. Skippy86

    Imagine that squatting on your face just before you go to sleep. Bet you wake up gasping for air.

  9. My dick just cringed.

  10. cc

    That would be kind of interesting lawn ornament wouldn’t it?

  11. Jenn

    This is what kissing frogs does for you. I blame Disney.

  12. Somebody hit her on the snout with a newspaper. Quick!

  13. Pine Table Fever

    Somewhere in the Pacific, an island is sounding a tsunami alert.

  14. Paula Deen’s comeback – the Fibrous Diet…

  15. Gangnam

    Poopin’ Harlem style. Op Op Op…

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