1. Batu Khan

    When did Cameron Diaz grow a beard?!

  2. donkeylicks

    Mr. Frodo, Look! It’s an Olyphant!

  3. joe

    He threw it into Mr Wu’s pigpen.

  4. EricLR

    Hey, the 1990′s called. They want their David Spade back.

  5. Someone get that stoner off the field.

  6. Mr H

    He just looks wrong without a stetson these days.

  7. Oh, snap, he’s got whatever Brad Pitt has!

  8. cc

    Like dude, I just rolled on in here from Dogtown.

  9. Jenn

    He’s got 70′s stoner dude hair. Ew! Get that off your head, man. You look like my dopey cousin.

  10. Helena Handbasket

    Don’t be fooled – underneath all that hair and sloppy clothing he’s got a totally smoking hot body. Completely fuckable. He just needs to get a haircut and be totally nude.

  11. bagmotherfucker

    “The next ball comes faster”

  12. Wait..what? He’s usually smoking hot!

  13. “I can’t believe I was drafted by the Dodgers. I’m their new foul pole.”

  14. kurgen99

    He smiles?

  15. The gray grizzlies on the chin NEVER help.

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