1. George P Burdell

    Kate Moss != cleavage.

  2. cc

    She has a bodyguard and a coke attendant with her, I see.

  3. She is having second thoughts about wearing a lace dress with her granny panties.

  4. babychunks

    for the want of a purse the kingdom could have suffered a dutchessCamilla crotch shot.

  5. They must have ridden with Paz De La Huerta.

  6. Kimchee

    Gary Busey should wear mini-skits more often!

  7. Robb7

    I see she saved her coke money to buy a pair of decent tits!

  8. …the prince does’nt mind camilla hanging out with that cokehead?

  9. heroinstripper

    is that a midget about to exit the car?

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