1. flats

    Look how serious he is, you guys! Take him seriously dammit!

  2. johnny p!

    I know a S.F.A.W.I.F* when I see one!
    Way to go about your business and give the evil eye to the paps, sir!

    (* Serious Fat Actor With Influential Friends)

  3. I love his sandwich bag.

  4. His weight loss didn’t last I see. I guess he is too busy being “serious.”

    • squiggy

      actually losing the lost weight is a good thing for jona… remember how newman stopped being funny after he lost the wait (don’t act like you didn’t notice!)? losing the weight that established who you are is worse than going full retard…

    • Pine Table Fever

      Adobe ran out of Photoshop. It will be another four months before supply is back to normal levels.

  5. BB

    “Shit–something not that chill just happened in the backseat of my pants…”

  6. Scorcese-approved!™

  7. EricLR

    Obviously, this paparazzo doesn’t recognize a *serious actor* when he sees him and his purse!

  8. alex

    You guys are douches, he’s cool.

  9. ThisWillHurt

    “I made the very difficult transition from comedic man-purse to serious messenger bag. I’m a fucking adult, OK?”

  10. since hes serious now i will not try to joke about this pic of him.
    i will say something serious about it.
    who’s head does he have in his lunch bag?

  11. He’s not fat. There’s just more of him for him to love.

  12. It’s like he’s glaring right at us. He knows what we said. We’d better run…not far mind you, but at least a block or two.

  13. That’s not weight he’s put on, it’s gravitas!

  14. anonymous

    You can tell he is a serious actor now because he doesn’t smile.

  15. It’s too bad he’s a serious actor now, because he would be the perfect Peter Griffin in a live action Family Guy. Our loss.

  16. I guess we’ve found our “Grumpy” for the Seven Dwarves remake.

  17. WhatANiceGirly

    Chaz Bono doesn’t smile as much as he used to.

  18. Jenn

    Aw, look at that expression, so intense, so serious. I bet he’s thinking about the snacks he put in that murse. Or the wedgie from his manties.

  19. JR

    He reportedly carries his own shit around in that bag wherever he goes as he insists it doesn’t stink.

  20. The_Ouroboros

    It’s amazing how quickly this guy became an asshole in the public opinion as opposed to just, “Oh, him.”

  21. Was he photoed coming out of an all Thai male massage parlor here? What is he so pissed about? You don’t get to constantly tell people how awesome your life is and how many big celebrities you are friends with and then take a picture like this.

  22. The funniest thing you’ll ever do is hit rock bottom.

  23. zzz

    Grumpy cat is grumpy!

  24. …i was torn between; “i’m seriously, you guys”, and; “i’m not fat, i’m big boned”

  25. heroinstripper

    I thought I was beginning to forget what a picture of a serious actor looked like. Thank god I saw this photo. So yeah, I guess I forgot.

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