1. White tight pants do her justice.

  2. Open the door with your tits, woman! That’s what they’re for.

    Well, one of the things they’re for.

  3. EricLR

    For the hundredth time, I know you need to go poopy! Mommy is trying to get the door open as fast as she can, sweetie.

  4. Thought that was Gerard Butler for a minute.

  5. Fuck you, Cipriani. Fuck you up your stupid ass.

  6. Is he her boyfriend? If so, I fucking hate him with the fire of a thousands suns. I would also switch places with him in a second.

  7. “No, you may NOT touch my ass or my tits…until we get inside and lock the door.”

  8. colt13

    Part of me wants to rag on him for carrying that bag, but he is with Kelly and I am not.

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