1. CrashHell

    They’re showing High Anxiety?!? I’m fuckin THERE! And remember, folks. Be good to your parents. They were good to you.

  2. Adrian Grenier’s peen-funk has gotten so bad he has to plug one of his own nostrils to cut the stench in half.

  3. Wait, they actually made Medellin?

  4. how can you not make money selling drugs?

  5. Jenn

    Hopefully he’ll use some of that money to buy deodorant.

  6. When Adrien Grenier produces you’re movie you can guarantee it will play in front of literally tens of people.

  7. So this is the guy who’s been firing snot-rockets on all of the signs in the city…???

  8. Paully Boston Baby!

    Here’s the whole movie: Don’t get high off your own stash!

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