1. brick

    You know what chaps my ass? Celebrities with their crappy worn out looking pants tucked in their half-laced not even goodwill worthy combat boots. Looks awful to me…and I usually couldn’t care less what people wear.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I imagine this is what someone would wear to Coachella in medieval times.

  3. EricLR

    A certain publicist who can’t tell the difference between “6/25–Serpentine Gallery Summer Party” and “6/26–Renaissance Fair” is about to get his ass fired!

  4. There’s a Sinead Cusack?

  5. According to his outfit, Jeremy hasn’t ironed in quite some time.

  6. cc

    The Pirates of Penzance? Again?!!

  7. “Come Frodo! we have a long journey ahead of us!”

  8. He looks awfully fabulous for someone against marriage equality.

  9. brillant

    How many damn Cusacks are there?

  10. Thank God the eyes are the first to go.

  11. anonymous

    Some here are smoking the same crap Joel McHale. You see the name Cusack and automatically link her to John and Joan? LOL

  12. “Arrrr, these wenches be less comely than in me younger yarrrs”

  13. Jenn

    Is Irons high? He looks like an inebriated space pirate,and not Ina good, Han Solo type way.

  14. kurgen99

    Are they at Hogwarts?

  15. …something about jeremy irons beating steven segal’s ass and taking his ouitfit…

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