1. Looks like she sharted.

    • George P Burdell

      I think it is an anti-shart. She has sucked in her shirt and all the air in the room. Her two friends are already gasping for air.

  2. johnny p!

    She also posted it on Craigslist:
    “Single Black female wants to take it up the ass
    while my posse watches the Paula Deen apology video.
    Be fit, GL and under 30.
    Condoms optional”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Fake leather, fake ass, and fake gold… a rapping trifecta.

  4. Josephus

    In every photo like this, there are two bl…oh, hell. There’s never been a photo like this.

  5. Instagram must die.

  6. Josephus

    Sorry, guy in the back, but wearing one of those x-ray protection vests won’t help prevent exposure to Nicki Minaj.

  7. rantatonne

    From this angle she looks like one of those lil elven creatures in that one fantasy movie from the 90′s. I tried finding the name but my called a timeout on that after couple of minutes

  8. Sheppy

    In every pictures there are a couple of black guys saying it all… well, with their whole bodies.

  9. To those non African-Americans viewing this photo, this is how many of our youth express that they appreciate her derriere and viewing it brings to them much joy.

  10. How come the fisheye lens only distorts her ass?

  11. I didn’t know pants could get stretch marks

  12. Those elastic pants are actually keeping her ass in a semi-pleasing to the eye form. Imagine the ocular carnage if that fabric should suddenly burst like the Johnstown dam. The horror, the horror.

  13. Without the incredible tensile strength of those elastic pants, her ass would look like someone glued twin Slimers to her back.

  14. What sort of sick asshole posts pics of Nicki Blue Nosed Mandrill??

  15. This must be from her “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” photoshoot.

  16. Sorry, it’s just a big, fat ass.

  17. Vlad

    Did I just bump your crotch too hard with my ass?

  18. Jenn

    They’re watching the guy she accidentally bumped with her ass fly through his 5th brick wall. Where he’ll stop,nobody knows!

  19. First she ripped off Lil’ Kim, then Lady Gaga, and now Selena? Didn’t see that coming.

  20. I love her big, fake fat ass. I’ll use it as a pillow.

  21. Robb7

    Talentless, lard ass tramp with the worst attitude, ever!

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