1. Josephus

    “No lie, they feel just like mine!”

  2. Reece_c

    I thought that was Channing Tatum with wearing one of those pair of glasses with a ridiculous fake nose attached…until I saw the little person…thats an unfortunate nose

  3. George P Burdell

    When I grow up, I want titties way up here.

  4. joe

    Thanks to my dating Vlad the Impaler, I can stick this whole statue in my cooch!

  5. Hugh Jazz

    Smile! Say “Lolita!”

  6. This is what passes for a three way in Hayden’s mind.

  7. it’s funny how the boobs on bronze statues are always rubbed shiny, or in the case of the “crazy girls” statue at the Vegas Riviera hotel, the asses.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    They can get married in California now.

  9. Adam

    “And then we will find a male statue absurdly larger than this one and so on and so forth”

  10. “Big noses means HUGE penis!”
    Hayden loves that in any giant.

  11. Highlights from one of Shakespeare’s lesser know plays, The Threesome of Verona, in which a garden pixie and a statue come to life and have a magical dalliance with a pugilist.

  12. anonymous

    Gotta love how the big man automatically grabs the back of the statue head. We know what he like Hayden to do for him.

  13. anonym

    Even girls think the same way guys do.

  14. Blah

    The statue looks so uncomfortable.

  15. Did you ever notice that ALL bronze statues are shiny polished on the private parts? SERIOUSLY, WORLDWIDE. …even the dicks in the Vatican!

  16. Brit

    And as I can prove right here, this statue is the origin of the old adage, “more than a handfull’s a waste”

  17. …fucking americans.

  18. PathosAvenger

    “So this is what regular-sized tits feel like.”

  19. Paully Boston Baby!

    Wlad is such a funny guy. Wearing a joke-store glasses and nose thingy for photo ops. Ur killing me Klitsch!

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