1. Chaz

    Willem Dafoe channeling his inner Greg Kinnear.

  2. JimBB

    Well how would YOU like to look up one day and see Willem Dafoe singing next to you?

  3. hootiewhoo

    william dafuq

  4. donde esta la biblioteca

  5. “Avenge me…”
    “AVENGE ME!!”

  6. Spleen

    Auditioning for Anchorman III?

  7. Has this guy aged one day since Platoon?

  8. “The LOOOVE BOOOAT soon will be making another run….”

  9. “Hey you…in the plaid shirt…give me your lunch mon…I mean give me your wallet.”

  10. Blob

    “I wanna man!
    Not a boy who says he can…”

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