1. dontkillthemessenger

    He certainly looks uncomfortable around these 2 girls and whatever that is on the right.

  2. Nerdy

    The girl with long hair looks like a female Chris Rock.

  3. JimBB

    As soon as I learn to use a flat-iron, he will be mine.

  4. Why am I getting a leather-clad Mr. Rogers vibe here?

  5. Michael Jackson and Chewbacca had a baby

  6. “Siri, does thees man pack-a da fudge?”

  7. “Opps that’s a pic of my boyfriend’s penis, sorry”

    “Wait, hold up and go back to that pic”

  8. I’m pretty sure the one in the jean jacket is a man. Trannies are all the rage these days.

  9. Wilmer Valderrama looks like shit

  10. jep

    Fez has a brother?

  11. “This is a picture of my little brothers third grade P.E. class. There is more masculinity in here than in your whole body.”

  12. He never does’n look like a Basque restaurant’s head waiter.

  13. Monkey girl had no technology in the jungle, but trusted Jojo-nas to show her the ways of his world.

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