1. Don Draper's Dad

    And then I realized, wow, I can make my Escalade payments by totally scamming people.

  2. Remember that scene in “Goodfellas” where Karen is talking about all the other wives and how they “had bad skin and wore too much makeup”?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Kate Gosselin’s nails look freakin’ ridiculous.

  4. Chaz

    “Hey baby, why don’t you make those nails useful and scratch my belly.”

  5. Dick Nose

    Am I the only one seeing Mel Gibson in drag ?

  6. Icehawg

    Oh come on now. That is a cariacture of a person.

  7. Hey, Medium, next time at the manicurist’s go with medium.

  8. JimBB

    I guess even a psychic can’t tell the difference between a wet bulldog and an Italian.

  9. Kill it with FIRE!

  10. bulldog and bullshit

  11. “Welcome! This is Cabana Chat, and THIS… Dixie Wetworth!”

  12. IdDoThat

    “I had his balls right here in my hands… and I let it go. CAN YOU believe THAT?!”

  13. IdDoThat

    Hey, girl… WHY the lumpy face? Oh… never mind, thought it was camera error. My mistake. (You mean she REALLY looks like that? FUCK! I’ve had it all wrong!) Nevermind………….

  14. Art Crow

    “I know what you’re doing, you lying bitch.”

  15. charlesatlas

    Jennifer Anniston is 10 years.

  16. She’s so full of shit. And look at those ugly fucking nails. Then again, if people are stupid/desperate enough to fall for her shit they’re pretty far gone..

  17. Pilin

    Glad to see a Carmela Soprano again…

  18. Clearly that bulldog is deciding between taking a nap and eating that wig. For now the nap wins. For now.

  19. yourmom

    This totally reminds me of a dream I had the other night… WAIT. Is that dog wearing false lashes??

  20. “When everyone said they knew I was full of shit,I thought to myself ‘Wow! Are they psychic?’ “

  21. Spleen

    Dog just jizzed.

  22. donkeylicks

    How many dogs have to be in one group for it to be considered a pack?

  23. This is the police

    Wait, that isn’t Mel Gibson in drag?

  24. “Yes, I’m making contact with your poor dead grandmother. See, I have the ability to talk to the dead, it’s my gift. Now your grandmother…did she have really bad doggy breath?”

  25. Nut bra

    Even that dog knows that she’s full of shit.

  26. It’s so ugly it’s almost cute. I like the dog tho.

  27. Two stupid dogs.

  28. Voice of Reisling

    Nice try, Photo Boy, that is clearly DOG Greenleaf.

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