1. Ah Hah Hah Hah….

    Tom Cruise…you so short. And gay.

  2. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “HAHAHAHA! He wants us to believe he’s straight!

  3. Your so gay… I’ll bet you think this site is about you

  4. Short Round

    Did I want to bone Emily Blunt?! You’re funny. You’re a funny motherfucker!

  5. JimBB

    And then Lord Xenu says to Godzilla “Fire him? I just had him audited!”

  6. Ray Cyst


  7. ching-chong ding-dong

    “you thought I liked poon?”

  8. Japan has some porn Tom’s gonna love.

  9. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “I know. Married to 3 women. WOMEN!!!”

  10. As much as people try to be funny here with their comments, Edge of Tomorrow was f’ing awesome. And if you deny that, you either didn’t see it or I have no idea what you are expecting in a awesome, Sci-Fi, action packed, hilarious at times blockbuster. It rocked and not many actors could pull it off… it you don’t believe it. See it.

  11. “Ha, ha, ha! Okay! Maybe it was a LITTLE like Groundhog Day! Ha, ha, ha!”

  12. blerg

    So Kim Jong Ill walks into a bar…

  13. “You see…when I laugh real hard or grin real big like this, MY eyes look just like YOUR eyes.”

  14. schadenfreude

    “And then I said, ‘Scientology is compatible with other religions and it’s not a cult.”

  15. asdf


  16. “And so I’m ronery, A little ronery. Poor rittre me.”

  17. Blob

    “Ho ho ho, Lieutenant Steve, you are so funnee!!!… Ha ha ha, Alfonse, yes I am!”

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