1. cuddles

    Awe, how sweet. Their faces cave in the exact same way!

  2. JimBB

    “Are you my nephew who died in the war?”

    “No, grandma, I’m your grandson Johnny. Remember?”

  3. I call this performance piece: Gravity.

  4. Cheer up, pal. At least you’re getting some quality free meals out of it.

  5. jep

    I’ll bet she sucks a mean cock. Why else would he be dating Mother Time?

  6. meeps!


  7. He looks like a commercial for “Why you shouldn’t smoke.”

  8. you know those packets you find in new jacket pockets that say “do not eat”? They ate.

  9. Josephus

    “(WE DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER) FRIENDS” – The One Where They All Come Back For More Cash

    SYNOPSIS: In the much-awaited “Friends” reunion special, Phoebe and Joey try their best, but are unable to win back Phoebe’s apartment in a cutthroat game of street dice. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel decide to give it another shot, figuring that if three kids and a lack of any friends outside of four other white people can’t keep them together for the eighth time, then nothing will. Ten years after moving to the suburbs with the twins, Monica and Chandler fight to regain custody following Monica’s most recent bout of insurance fraud-based arson at Alessandro’s. Things look good until the pair are photographed leaving a well-known sex club owned by Chandler’s father.

    Guest starring the Olsen Twins as “The girls Joey fucks because hey, they haven’t had a good gig in years, either.”

  10. What the fuck is in that bag that has the muscles in her arm straining like that???

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