1. How’d he get his head reattached?

  2. Flatliner

    Danny needs a little hair around his belly button, or at least a landing strip, to go with that tattoo.

  3. “There was money in that banana stand.”

  4. Must be a cover for “Under the Bridge”.

  5. I have a feeling it goes like this, “were gonna need a Mexican, better call Trejo.”

  6. People still make music videos?

  7. Ron Jeremy really hit the skids.

  8. If you attach a handle to him he’d make an adorable cholo belly mug.

  9. “Hey! Whoever we pull the train on, I’m going first!”

  10. ¿Qué pasa, vato? I thought you were going to get a bottle of tequila for me, too.”

  11. I see this picture of Danny Trejo and I KNOW he just turned 70(!!!), but I gotta be honest – if we were in a bar somewhere and I had no idea who he was and said he was going to fuck me up, I would believe the shit out of that guy.

    • cc

      ‘in San Quentin Prison, he became a champion boxer in lightweight and welterweight divisions within that prison’

      Yup, I’d have pretty much the same reaction.

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