1. “Those Kardashian women are not the only ones that can have huge asses. Wait till they get a load of me..”

  2. Icehawg

    Ooooooooo….looks like someone is having a Par-tee!

  3. Chaz

    It’s like she’s saying, “Go ahead Superficial, try and caption this.”

  4. E. Jack Ulator

    Not what I had in mind when I asked her to blow my balls.

  5. What the fuck does this chick do…

  6. DD

    Who is she again?

  7. Short Round

    A true pro understands creating those accidental upskirt pictures for the paparazzi takes careful planning.

  8. The Wind Machine 3300 will make her nostrils flare even more.

  9. Art Crow

    Most women shoot out smaller balls at the fan, but she must be a pro if she can handle one that big.

  10. kaschuh

    I’m fairly certain she’s just an inside joke for the Superficial writers.

  11. This is like the white trash version of one of those ultra-hip New Yorker magazine caption contests. I’ll give it a shot:


  12. The wind machine 3000? it’s a fan, right? Jesus, it’s more over rated than she is.

  13. She has kinky on her mind.

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