1. Cock Dr

    There’s Bubba.
    I’d run up and give the old silver fox a hug except for the good chance he’d cop a feel.

  2. It must so hard for him to contain his rage at the photographers…

  3. “Just say the word, Bill. I’ll take care of ‘em for you”

  4. Not shown: Porn stars

  5. Alec looked decent in the pics earlier. He’s back to looking like shit while Bill looks tan, rested and ready!

  6. The Pope

    Sadly, this photo was taken moments after Bill Clinton told Alec that he wasn’t really Jack Ryan, and he didn’t need to keep going on about some damn submarine.

  7. The Brown Streak

    “Don’t worry Alec, I’ll pay for them. Five hookers over here please!”

  8. Not often that Bill Clinton is the one in the picture LEAST likely to try and fist you.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Fucking Fox News! How do they do it?

  10. skidmark

    “I did NOT have physical altercations with that man.”

  11. “Y’all are useless to me, Alec Baldwin.”

  12. Short FB!

    sex hair

  13. Corky

    in every recent photo of Clinton he looks exactly like Chris Burke will in 20 years.

  14. SW

    “That’s a man sandwich I’D like to be in the middle of!” – Absolutely no one.

  15. cc

    Don’t fuck with me Alec…remember that guy they found in the park!

  16. Two of the world’s biggest assholes, together at last!

  17. Dear Republican Media,
    You may begin saying that Alec Baldwin beat up Clinton based on this photo.
    Alec Baldwin

  18. Hugh Jazz

    “Leather Muppets” is going to be an odd sequel.

  19. “I ‘pologize for mah friend here, Mr. Photograph Man. He surely misspoke when he called ya a ‘rotten, right-wing, dog-fuck piece o’ steaming shit.’ It just slipped out when he was tryin’ to say ya ‘need a haircut’.”

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