1. Nothing to see here… Just 2 dudes out for a walk… Please move on…

  2. Johnny P!

    A million hard-core dykes just saw this and thought: “Fuck! Well, that’s set us back 25 years!”

  3. Plurp

    They put new, disturbing meaning to the words, “Bumping Uglies.”

  4. Perplexity

    Which one is supposed to be the feminine one?

  5. rican

    That’s a “ten” alright.

  6. YAAR

    So this is what that red-headed kid from “Big” grew up to look like…

  7. rubyq

    if you’re a lesbian celebrity, always date a chick you can safely hide behind when the bullets fly. A meat-panel human flack jacket.

  8. So before they come out of the closet they dress all lady like. Afterwards, they just don’t give a shit?

  9. MarkM

    I’m sorry, but now I AM against gays marrying!

  10. navet

    I love the abs on Cynthia wait….on second thought abs?

  11. The Pope

    It’s suddenly clear to me who keeps paying to see Jonah Hill’s movies.

  12. Little Tongue

    Lesbians are so hot,.. Yummy yum yum…

  13. wheeeeeeee

    why do real lesbians look like this? why can’t they look like the babes in my dreams?????? my eyes!!!!!!!

  14. Snack pack

    No, this is not “Crap we missed.” It is just crap.

  15. Keyboard Bandit

    Is this a photoshoot for a new horror-comedy or something?!

  16. Contusion

    I loved the one on the right in Moneyball.

  17. Maurice St Claire

    Both are Butch ? No lipstick? This is at odds with my conceptualization of …
    But who wants those big hands in their plumbing?

  18. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Okay Carrie, what about a woman and a bear?

  19. This pricture proves that there’s no such thing as a “lipstick lesbian.”

  20. Neil Sloan

    Both look pissed at the same time. Are they cycling together?

  21. Odious_One

    The one on the right has the car keys , so she must be the “man ” in the relationship

  22. JC

    Sex in the Nowhere

  23. bigalkie

    That’;s right Janet.. This means war.. The Persians are trying to buy Lesbos..

  24. Matty

    Weight Watchers, I just solved your celebrity spokesperson problem. Before AND after version ready to go!

  25. Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh

  26. Spock's Lizard

    I’ve just become a supporter of gay marriage. Genes like these should not be passed on!

  27. tlmck

    It’s not often you see two male lesbians as a couple.

  28. The good thing about this picture is that after you scream in fear and click back to Carmen Electra, you realize how hot she’s still looking.

  29. PGu

    i know there’s a lot of sh*theads here groping for funny jokes and are so lacking in creativity as to resort to homophobia or misogyny..I’ll do the anti-joke and say I’m happy that they got married.

  30. Cynthia Nixon is making sure that another Sex and the city movie doesn’t happen. Good work, Cynthia!

  31. saavik001

    The vibrator isn’t broken… it’s just scared…

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