1. I am pretty sure his full time job is crashing premiers…

  2. Johnny P!

    Dude makes Lou Reed look like a GQ model.

  3. Cock Dr

    His BeDazzler must be broken.

  4. Perplexity

    Anyone order a never was with a face like Mickey Rourke? I have arrived.

  5. rubyq

    best looking undead zombie since the olson twins.

  6. rican

    The hardships of the world finally getting the better of you, Bono?

  7. MarkM

    “I can’t believe I’ve been on The Superficial, three times in three weeks! It’s like I’m famous again!”

  8. Turd Ferguson

    How the hell does Kriss Angel get into to any of these events?

  9. Contusion

    What is this fascination with Grieco lately? You do have a choice when you pick out the photos and I’m sure you are not required to run something of this guy every day.

  10. Maurice St Claire

    “why am I here ? I had nothing better to do , so …”

  11. I wonder if all the other parking valet in LA is pissed that Grieco works at every premiere?

  12. Lita

    Okay now he’s just showing up at random shit.

  13. Lord Invader

    It’s common courtesy to stand at least 10 feet away from entrances whilst panhandling. You think he’d have learned by now.

  14. So this is his deal ever since they stopped making telephone booths?

  15. SW

    Wait…..! Richard Grieco is still a thing?

  16. Biff

    Chimpanzee face….that’s all I’m sayin.

  17. PirateHunter

    “C’moooon….really? You’d rather see this than my one man, off-Broadway, Morton Downey Jr. biographical?”

  18. TetterkeT

    How many accessories do you count?

  19. Michelle

    #2 on Hollywood’s Damn I was hot but look what a train wreck I’ve become….

  20. No more GRIECO!!! No more GRIECO!!! C’mon, everyone. All together…No more GRIECO!!! No more GRIECO!!!…

  21. OhHellNo

    Mickey Rourke’s been sticking to that paleo diet pretty well.

  22. chicagoan312

    Tomorrow, I will explain to my therapist that my self hatred stems from the fact that, 20 years ago, I would have fucked this guy.

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