1. Well at least we know what Fish’s desktop background is…

  2. octopusagogo

    the stapler on my desk just got pregnant

  3. Johnny P!

    The woman in the background looking away is a lesbian.

  4. rubyq

    he for sure sharted.

  5. Dick Hell

    Poor guy shaved 3 minutes ago.

  6. Chris

    I don’t get it but then I don’t get the Skarsgard thing either.

  7. Maurice St Claire

    “don’t know where my hand is , do you ?”

  8. Laura

    I’d fuck him

  9. suck it

    I think I just started ovulating.

  10. PirateHunter

    “Just the tip…c’mon, you know you…ahhh there you go…Penthouse A, 30 minutes.”

  11. The old man living next door just got the biggest boner ever and he’s both straight, impotent, and asleep.

  12. cc

    The smile of a man who got a blowjob before he went out for the evening, and will get another when he gets home.

  13. “tee-hee-hee…I just asked a hot Southern chick if she wants to learn to Hambone and she said ‘yes’. Get it? Hambone? Hamm. Bone???…Hahahaha…

  14. lori

    I just don’t find him attractive. At all.

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