1. richie

    still hot

  2. Schmidtler

    I can almost smell the VD through my monitor.

  3. If only Rodman hadn’t been there.

  4. Crissy

    She sure still looks beautiful!

  5. FanGirl

    I see the secret is to never have kids

    thanks carmen

  6. Spock's Lizard

    I heard there is a 4 inch deep dent in Rodman’s desk where he bangs his head every time he sees a picture of her.

  7. Maurice St Claire

    Breasty Goodness?

  8. bigalkie

    She’s pretty friggin hot considering her hard living and a steady diet of assholes..

  9. Its weird when you look at her picture and you know immediately that she loves anal. It must be like the Force, “the anal is strong with this one.”

  10. Fuckcicle

    Good to see the syphilitic dementia hasn’t prevented her from enjoying life to the fullest!

  11. Beautiful woman, but I’m not too keen on implants.

  12. Does she ever age? She still looks as perfect as she always did.

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