1. Johnny P!

    Finally, her ‘duck lips’ deflated.
    Unfortunately, so did some other things…

  2. Cock Dr

    I’ve always liked Gina. She’s a hottie.

  3. Still rockin’. She may have “deflated”, but at least it’s natural.

  4. rubyq

    The Clapper.
    Geshon! Gershoff!

  5. Abby Normal

    Dress by Morticia Addams. Lovely dining out or lounging in the mausoleum.

  6. Crissy

    I had to google her to see who she was again, cause without the lips she is a totally different person!

  7. gigi

    hottest hasidic jew dry-cleaner Larry David ever tried to bang lol

  8. FanGirl

    pretty hot

  9. Maurice St Claire

    Would jizz all over her face , just like Mr . Bill

  10. bigalkie

    She’s 50 and holding up quite nicely..

  11. Jw

    It’s nice that she remember to iron the dress before she left the house.

  12. jasper

    Her smile’s gone the way of her boobs.

  13. Straight Guy

    I’ve seen her hiking up in the hills, and she looks way hotter in person!!!

  14. PirateHunter

    I’ve never seen such begrudging cleavage.

  15. tlmck

    Looks like she went to a wig store and said “give me the Penelope Cruz”.

  16. cc

    Time marches on. What can I say.

  17. “Yes, I know that my dress is a little crumpled. But I can’t play Bingo while standing up anymore.”

  18. Wow. She looks good. I haven’t seen her in a while.

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