1. That dude in the background looks like the skinny guy from Pirates of the Caribbean, the one with the glass eye.

  2. “This move is called “George Clooney’s sloppy seconds”. It’s also known as “Steve-O’s sloppy thirds”.”

  3. Meanwhile blondie in the back is all about mounting mr. rape-eyes…

  4. I thought his shirt aid “Rock ‘N’ Whore.”

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Ever since he’s had a shave, Ricky Gervais has managed to start pulling (really, grappling onto) some serious pussy.

  6. The Brown Streak

    Sorry for choking the life out of you ma’am. Thought you were Steven Tyler.

  7. Just another day at Comic-con.

  8. oh no

    Italy…I will forever associate it with the beautiful James Gandolfini. Sorry to puke my shit on y’all, but I am so sad…cried at work. Want to wrap myself in his memory. Carry on with the levity. ..

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