1. Rick

    Vanity, thy name is comb-over.

  2. Charlie Brown Trump has a football head.

  3. Sweet! Does this mean he’s getting the band back together?

  4. Sweet! Does this mean he’s getting the band back together?
    (forgot to embed first time)

  5. Trump has the most elaborate comb over in the history of vain balding guys.

  6. What an asshole.

  7. Im trying real hard to figure out what’s going on here

  8. Even John Travolta got a good chuckle out of this.

  9. I realize every Trump hair joke that could be made has been made…but this is just ridiculousness. What an ignorant fool.

  10. meeps!

    You can add racing stripes, you’re still a douche…

  11. The Brown Streak

    …and queue the alfred hitchcock theme…

  12. And yet again, his mouth is open like a howler monkey.

  13. when uncombed his hair is longer than zakk wylde’s

  14. It is the cotton candy of hairdos.

  15. Monica

    Well, as we can all see, he really does have his own hair.

  16. “…You’re dispicable!”

  17. damn fool. I’d mention that at least it’s not orange anymore but it doesn’t make him less of a waste of skin. fuck, I hate him.

  18. The only shampoo he uses is Gossamer Translucenceā„¢.

  19. This festering asshole is the nastiest piece of shit to ever walk the earth. I’d love to see someone get just a little too close to his hair with a lit match!

  20. All that money, and he buys a balding toupee with a comb-over.

  21. rican

    That’s it, I’m setting up a Kickstarter campaign to pay $100,000 to the person who can successfully drop a big bucket of water on his head and take a picture of his hair in its natural wet look.

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